The Indoorswomen


Jen is an archaeology instructor by day, pop culture nerd by night. She loves a good laugh, a good cry, and a good think. She likes science fiction TV, romance novels, and YA everything. Pop culture philosophy: don't pre-judge. Read, listen, watch. Form your own opinions.

Meg Portrait.png


Subject: Meg

Natural Habitat: Disneyland, bookstores, fan conventions, movie theaters, swimming pools, cocktail bars.

Appearance: Hair color may vary. Often in disguise ("cosplay").

Behavior: Writes novels, reads, listens to podcasts, doodles, watches Netflix, cracks puns.

Notes: When engaging with the subject, be prepared to talk about Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, WoW, and why Hufflepuffs are underrated.

They ask the hard hitting stuff like “Would you rather do Aladdin or Prince Eric?”
— Hannah (Film Roast Podcast)