It’s Our First Podcastiversary!!

 Hi everyone! Thanks for listening! In honor of our first anniversary, below are links to each episode of our show plus some easy subscription links. See our early attempts! The topics are always super fun and mega-geeky, and we try to keep them as evergreen as possible, so you can start listening at any time.

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Pilot Episode - Women Who Stare at Tropes - Featuring Lee Pace’s eyebrows

Fanfiction Short - Fanfic!

Episode 2 - Why not Sting? - Featuring Dune and Tom Hiddleston’s butt

Episode 3 - Tom Sawyer-Mison & Cradley Booper - Featuring last Fall’s TV and TV to fold laundry to 

Thanksgiving Special - Featuring Thanksgiving TV Classics

Episode 4 - Great Adaptations - Featuring modern adaptations of Shakespeare and Austen

Episode 5 - Kids Stuff, not Just for Kids - Featuring awesome kids culture we loved as kids and today!

Christmas Spectacular! (Donald Duck is Not Your Friend) - Featuring our favorite Christmas culture (and also Star Wars because why not?)

Episode 6 - Just Kidding, Felicia! (Video Games) - Featuring our favorite video games and why we love them

Episode 7 - On Beyond Monopoly! (Tabletop games) - Featuring our favorite table top games and recommendations for different people/situations

Episode 8 - Being Wes Anderson - Featuring our favorite writer/directors and their amazing movies

Episode 9 - Sorry Dad! (A Very Sexy Podcast) - Featuring Marry/Sex/Kill and adult graphic novels

Episode 10 - Forest Spirits and Sky Pirates (aka Miyazaki movies!) - Featuring nerd conventions and amazing Miyazaki fare!

Episode 11 - Call Yourself a Writer: Because, why not? - On writing and tips from the greats!

Episode 12 - Superhero fatigue? - In which we are not particularly superhero fatigued

Episode 13 - Never Star Peace, Always Star Wars! - ALL THINGS STAR WARS!!!!!!!

Episode 14 - Smut Shaming: For Love of Fanfic and Romance Novels - Don’t be embarrassed, we aren’t!

Episode 15 - The Law of Diminishing Bennet Returns - BOYS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THERE ARE MEN ON THE PODCAST! 

Episode 16 - I Can Show You the Wooooooorld! - THEY ARE STILL HERE! THE BOYS WON’T LEAVE (and our very first BLOOPERS!)

Episode 17 - You are the Sidekick Now! - Our favorite sidekicks including ones you can’t understand and those who deserve a better label (HERMIONE!)

Episode 18 - San Diego Comic Con Rundown - Our comic con recap - it’s almost nothing like being there, but you can get a taste of what it’s like!

Episode 19 - Remember When? Our Take on Nostalgia Culture - Featuring reboots, remakes, and callbacks

Episode 20 - Pandas are Dumb (aka Sorting in Fiction) - Featuring sorting and stupid, stupid pandas

Episode 21 - Your Show’s so Dated, Paris Hilton has a Cameo - We assign each other pop culture homework and report back! Plus: Fall TV!

Episode 22 - Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! - Retrofuturism: robots, flying cars, space travel, and cold war paranoia!

Thanks for listening!