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Indoorswomen - Episode 32 - Meta Throw Pillows


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Today’s topic is:  What pop culture makes us cry? Whether it is joy, sadness, or excitement, what makes us a little misty? Spoiler: we have never cried. Ever. Ok, that’s a lie.

We list sad themes, specific moments, crying triggers, and Meg does extensive psychological research to justify being a giant crybaby. From the emotional manipulation of sad music and tense storylines, it basically all makes us blubber. Especially Tom Hanks. Damn that Tom Hanks. It’s the least sad podcast about crying ever! Plus, memes of the past!

Bonus: a discussion of that really long episode of Jimmy Kimmel: the Oscars! We chat about our excitement about Moonlight’s win, our horror over the mix-up, and our ambivalence about Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting.

Tune in next week for a discussion of the pop culture homework we gleefully assign each other at the end of this episode. It’s fun to make people do things.

As always, our wonderful intro/outro music is “We are Highscore” by Krackatoa

Episode 27 - Tune in Next Week for the Rap Battles


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Ok, we won’t have rap battles, but we do appreciate them. This week’s podcast is about musicals! Musicals, if you don’t know, are plays in which, to quote Mack from the movie Sabrina,“the actors periodically dance about and burst into song”. We discuss our favorites, live shows we have attended, movie and television musicals, and we devote some serious time to the musical phenomenon, Hamilton. We tried not to sing too much. But there is a little singing.

We ask the big questions: Listen to the soundtrack beforehand or wait? Live performances or Movie adaptations? Just what makes musicals so enjoyable anyway?

Big mentions include Hamilton, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Disney Musicals, Once More With Feeling (the Buffy Musical), Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Smash, and Book of Mormon. Special feature: reminiscences about our high school’s performances of The Music Man, Oklahoma!, and Grease.

If you are a musical theater lover or novice, you might find something in here for you!

Extras: Geek news about amazing new trailers and collaborations plus our random recs: Yuri!!! on ICE and Crash Course on Youtube.

As always, our amazing intro/outro music is “We are Highscore” by Krackatoa.