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Indoorswomen - Episode 61 - Dino DNA!

Dinosaurs have been leaving their footprints across pop culture for over a century! In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite dino depictions, franchises, characters, and tropes.

Topics include: Is Godzilla a dinosaur? How is Dr. Ellie Sattler so badass? And, should Dwayne Johnson be in every movie? (Yes.)

Minor spoiler warning: We rag on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom more than we planned to. Sorry not sorry. (No major plot details revealed.)

We also play a game of Would You Rather? Fandom Edition. And we wrap with our Random Recommendations: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Felicitations!, a Felicia Day podcast.

Stay tuned to the very end for bloopers.

Our awesome intro/outro music is "We Are Highscore" by Krackatoa.

Indoorswomen Fanfiction Short!


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Hi everyone! Welcome to our fanfiction short! You can listen here, download the episode, or listen on itunes or your favorite streaming service.

We originally recorded this as a segment on “books about books/writing” and it turned into a discussion of fanfiction and Rainbow Rowell’s work. Since her latest book “Carry On” came out this week, we figured it was an appropriate time to release! We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening

As usual, our intro/outro music is “We are Highscore” by Krackatoa