Indoorswomen - Episode 23 - TV Shows That Ended Too Soon (That Aren’t Firefly)


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In a perfect world, the tenure of a television show would solely depend on how much we love it and its potential for greatness. Unfortunately network bigwigs, scheduling gaffes, actors’ whims, and crappy pilots often get in the way. In honor of shows underappreciated in their time, our topic today is TV shows that ended too soon (that aren’t Firefly). Since we talk about firefly a lot, we thought we would exclude it from this discussion. 

Today, we lament the cancellation of Better Off Ted, Almost Human, Selfie, and Freaks and Geeks, and explain why they had so much potential and their cancellation was a travesty. 

Plus, the return of Marry, Sex, Kill!

As always, our wonderful intro/outro music is “We are Highscore” by Krackatoa